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Making organic soups for everyone.

Our Mission

The Organic Soup Kitchen provides metabolic oncology nutrition and food security to support the health and wellness of small-income seniors and other individuals with cancer or chronic illness.

SoupMeal® of the Week - Mushroom and Kale

What is Oncology Nutrition?

Our hand-crafted and personally delivered SoupMeals are designed to strengthen your immune system, increase energy and promote healing. Collaborating with leading cancer specialists, we formulate recipes to lower inflammation, balance blood sugar and improve circulation.

Why do we focus on soups?

We always reach for soup when we don't feel our best. The transformative healing power of soup is real. Each SoupMeal™ recipe strengthens your immune system, increases energy and promotes healing.

Why do our choices of ingredients make such a difference with recovery?

Our soups are hand crafted with only clean whole foods. No preservatives and nothing artificial ever. Each recipe contains locally harvested organic vegetables, medicinal quality herbs and spices and healthy fats and oils. Premium ingredients you can trust to support your body and optimize healing and recovery.

I've tried all the flavors and I love them all.


10 year old cancer survivor