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Volunteer Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in being a delivery driver for Organic Soup Kitchen! Before you fill out a volunteer application, please read our volunteer agreement and guidelines.

1. Confidentiality

Organic Soup Kitchen fully supports the right to privacy of: A) Individuals requesting assistance from and/or utilizing any services of the agency, and; B) people contributing time and/or money to Organic Soup Kitchen. Strictest confidentiality will be maintained at all times on the part of all staff and volunteers of Organic Soup Kitchen as it pertains to any information related to clients, volunteers, and donors of the agency.

In my capacity as a VOLUNTEER with Organic Soup Kitchen, I agree not to discuss name or any other characteristics by which a client, volunteer, or donor could be identified. If a problem or question about this arises I will bring it to the attention of the VOLUNTEER SERVICES DEPARTMENT staff.

2. Personal Conduct

All volunteers are required to conduct themselves personally and professionally in a manner that is fitting and appropriate for members of Organic Soup Kitchen. Each volunteer shall treat agency staff, clients, visitors, and other volunteers with courtesy, respect, and consideration. The following policies apply to all volunteers:

Volunteers will not engage in any sexual activity with Organic Soup Kitchen clients with whom they have a direct, ongoing professional relationship. This includes education volunteers who may not engage in any sexual activity with education clients before a period of one month has elapsed when such a relationship arises from an educational offering. Sexual activity between volunteers and their immediate supervisors, whether Organic Soup Kitchen staff or volunteer, is also forbidden.

​Any unwelcome sexual advance, or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, constitutes sexual harassment and is expressly forbidden. Such conduct has the purpose of substantially interfering with an individual’s work performance, by creating an intimidating, hostile, and offensive work environment.


Volunteers will refrain from the use of recreational drugs and alcohol on agency premises, at any Organic Soup Kitchen events, and with clients.


Organic Soup Kitchen is a service organization; therefore we must screen all volunteers to ensure the safety of clients, staff, visitors and fellow volunteers. If you have a criminal history or there is a question, you will be contacted by a staff member in the Volunteer Department. A positive check will not automatically bar you from volunteering. All results will be attached to your application and will remain strictly confidential.


The Volunteer Delivery Driver delivers organic soups to clients on a weekly basis.


Andrea Slaby and/or Volunteer Department Services.


Provide accurate and timely food delivery to clients on a designated route

Report missed deliveries (clients not at home) and changes in client status to Distribution Coordinator

Email weekly route and concerns about clients to the Program Coordinator

Assist in training new volunteers or substitute drivers

Does not perform any tasks for clients outside of delivering food


Good organizational and communication skills

Must have a current valid driver’s license and proof of car insurance

Ability to follow directions and read maps

Strict adherence to client confidentiality and professionalism

General knowledge of Organic Soup Kitchen Soup program

Ability to safely lift 30 lbs

Must be flexible, prompt and reliable

Must give at least 2 weeks notice for vacation/ leave of absence/resignation

Comfortable working with people of varying socioeconomic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and racial diversity


All food delivery volunteers must commit to one shift per week (up to 10 deliveries per route, taking on average 1.5 hours and no longer than 3 hours). Most deliveries occur Wednesdays 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. There is a six month minimum commitment. Volunteers are responsible for paying for their own gasoline.

​Volunteers must be 18 years or older, have a valid driver’s license, and a vehicle with proof of liability insurance.