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Cowgirl Chili

Cowgirl Chili Soup

The Organic Soup Kitchen Cowgirl Chili recipe is a hand-crafted assortment of vegetables, beans, and spices that provides a health-promoting, low fat, and cholesterol-free meal. 

Our Cowgirl Chili includes white, pinto, black, and red beans – all of which are nutritional powerhouses through their protein, fiber, and micronutrient content. Beans are also recommended by the American Diabetes Association due to its low glycemic index. It is estimated that 50-65% of the carbohydrate content is slowly digested, which helps to lower risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and colorectal cancer. These protective effects have been shown in multiple trials, where subjects at high risk for many diseases, but especially cardiovascular disease, were able to delay the use of medications by focusing on a bean-based diet.

The Cowgirl Chili recipe is flavored with a wide-range of non-irradiated spices, including thyme, turmeric, oregano, paprika, and chili powder. Dietary herbs and spices have been used historically for their nutritious and healing properties. They contain polyphenols (a family of plant-based compounds) that host powerful antioxidant properties that have anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and neuro-protective effects to aid with health maintenance. Specifically, these natural antioxidants help reduce oxidative stress in the body to prevent chronic stress which can lead to cancer, heart-related diseases, and the acceleration of aging.

The unique combination of vegetables, beans, and spices makes Organic Soup Kitchen’s Cowgirl Chili a flavorful, protein and fiber-rich, and nutrient-dense meal.

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